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About ACC

Our Mission:

To provide the very best technology leadership, products, and personnel resources to stimulate and maintain our customers’ maximum profit potential, delivering the overall best Information Technology value possible on a continuous basis.

 Our Quality Philosophy:

Keeping the needs of our customer in mind at all times, Automation Concepts Company makes the quality of our products and services our highest priority. From the quality-assurance efforts of each employee to the quality of our organization as a whole, we devote ourselves to providing services that directly impact the ability of our customers to successfully operate and grow their businesses.

 Our History:

Automation Concepts Company was founded in 1995 on passion for computer technology along with dedication in providing logical and cost-effective solutions for the complex technology facing businesses each day. Our belief then, and still true today, is businesses need a technology partner they can depend on to provide  consulting, implemented solutions, and ongoing support to maximize their investment in technology.

Other ACC facts:

1)  It’s our top priority to listen to our customers to develop their ideas into concepts, and work together incorporating those concepts into the practical technology solution that best fits their needs.

2) We have been in business and actively providing IT services since 1995 and our staff averages over 15 years of directly related IT experience!

3) Our staffing and management approach is to be as lean as possible, without cutting corners on technology or customer service, in order to deliver the maxium value for the least cost.

4) We “eat our own dog food”! We stand behind the solutions we recommend and we use them for our own operations whenever and wherever possible.

5) Old school and new school – we take the best from both. ACC combines tried and proven project implementation and management skill with the latest proven technology available. What that means to you, OUR CUSTOMER, is you receive the best of both!

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